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When it’s time to hire an SEO Expert

Thanks to Neil Patel a summary on why we need SEO experts. Hiring an SEO expert may not only save your website but also your business. I wrote an article a year ago on what SEO experts do.

When would it be wise to hire an SEO expert?

  1. When launching a New Website
  2. When getting started in Digital Marketing
  3. When launching a Content Marketing Campaign
  4. When you’re hit with penalty
  5. When you’re a Local Business

For more details on the items above read the article on, “When You Must Hire an SEO Expert

2015: Mobile Web? Why

Traffic show substantial proportion comes from mobile devices. For example Google, mobile comprised almost have of all the traffic (from June to November), with 48 percent come from mobile. In November mobile traffic surpassed the quantity of visits from desktop, marking the turning point on the way to mobile dominance for Google.

Engagement metrics show a slight different story. Visits from desktop lasted more than three times longer, with more than three times more pages viewed and two times lower bounce rate.

Online Shopping: shares of visits from mobile and desktop are almost equal. September Amazon saw more visits from mobile devices, with mobile traffic increasing by 8 percent, surpassing desktop traffic by 6 percent, however, mobile traffic dipped in October.

New and Media: News publishers are shifting a bit slower to the mobile world than the shopping industry.

Arts and Entertainment: is a great example of responsive Web design, not only highly recommended by the SEO experts, but also a great way to create web pages that automatically adjust to fit the screen it’s being viewed on.

Food & Drink industry also knows and understands to create websites with responsive web designs. A great website sample is

For more details please check out the article on, “Why Mobile Web Still Matters in 2015





Google Pigeon, Local Algorithm

  1. Pigeon was rolled out last year in July. The pigeon algorithm update suppose to create closer tie between local and core algorithm.
  2. It is impacting both Google Maps Search & Google Web Search.
  3. It also allows traditional web ranking signals.
  4. More accuracy results for Yelp-Specific Queries.
  5. Provides a greater search results recognition to other local directories.
  6. Biggest Local Search Update that Google has released.
  7. Algorithm improves the distance and location ranking parameters.
  8. Some businesses saw an ranking improvement after Pigeon rolled out.
  9. Some businesses saw a drop in ranking.
  10. Local Packs (Local Packs provide a customized Windows® 7 installation for a specific regional) have dropped.
  11. Some Spammy results appeared in search results.
  12. Pigeon was only release in the US.

More details in the article on “Everything You Need To Know About Google’s Local Algorithm, Pigeon

YouTube SEO Tactics

The most read article in 2014 was the one about YouTube SEO Tactics to Drive more traffic to your Videos & Website.

I am not surprised as videos usage is skyrocketing globally not only here in the US.

Read more about 5 Advanced YouTube SEO Tactics to drive more traffic to your videos and website.

Searchengineland: Year in Review 2014

Search Engine Land ‘s (SEL) Year in review 2014 gives many of us SEO experts some closure what we felt was important to be implemented into the website.

My two big implementations after the new website went live (e/o July) are https and canonical directives. As we just implemented them in the last two months of 2014, we still haven’t been able measure the success.

Our website is already mobile friendly and much work still needs to get done.

Learn more about Search Engine Land’s Year in review 2014. What have you done to improve ranking for your website?