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Responsive web designs more found in search results

Google algorithms adapted to the new user pattern; increase of the usage on mobile devices. You will find more mobile-friendly search results.

Starting April 21, 2015 Google is expanding the use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal.

What does this mean?

  1. More mobile-friendly websites in search results
  2. More relevant app content in the search results

Actually starting today Google will begin to use information form indexed apps as a factor in ranking for signed-in users who have the app installed. A step-by-step guide on Google’s developer site for your references.

More detailed information please read “Finding more mobile-friendly search results

SEO Tactics for 2015

I love lists as I can just scan the information quickly. This article by Pratik Dholakiya is a quick read about “11 SEO Tactics You Need to Know in 2015

Here is the list to remember:

  • Creating Incredible Content
  • Co-Citation Links
  • Editorial Links
  • The Broken Link-Building Method
  • Link Reclamation
  • Link Outreach
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Focus on ROI Instead of Keyword Rankings
  • Create an SEO Strategy That Maps to an Audience
  • Optimize for Yahoo, Bing, and Others
  • Mobile SEO

Always keep in mind Google Hummingbird Release and how it is changing the search algorithm and how it guides us how users’ search for information.

What might be killing you Website-SEO

Great article by Kristine Schachinger. We have an agency that works on our usability and web design and we have one that implements the new requirements. The irony is that both agency don’t pay attention to what happens outside of our website.

I love what Matt Cutt’s would say: Remember best practice and best user experience will also be good for Google, think of the users first please.”

Here are some elements we should rethink:

  • Infinite (Endless Scroll)
  • Lazy Loading
  • Parallax
  • Not Mobile-Friendly
  • Hamburger Menus (use cautiously)

More in detail find Kristine’s article “5 Techniques That May Be Killing Your Website (and SEO)


Safer Link Building in 2015

Neil Patel really hits the nail on the head with this article “5 Techniques To Safely Get Links In 2015

Quick view:

  1. Guest Blog & Get Others To Do It, Too
  2. Create Infographics — “Infographics are still effective for link building
  3. Become more active on social media regularly
  4. Ask for Links
  5. Grow Your Personal Brand

Conclusion is: Your domain ranking depends on many algorithm elements and one important one is a safe technique to acquire them. It’s all about building relationships with other websites. For more information “Advanced SEO for Digital Content Creators

Yahoo & massive mobile reach

Yahoo’s acquisition of Flurry enables Yahoo to launch an ambitious plan to extend the reach of its search. The free offering “new Mobile Developer Suite” and the suite includes:

  • Flurry Analytics with Explorer (app analytics)
  • Yahoo App Publishing (app monetization)
  • Yahoo App Marketing (user acquisition)
  • Yahoo Search in Apps (Yahoo web search integration + ads)
  • Flurry Pulse (transmission of data to partners)

For more details on Greg Sterling‘s article of “Yahoo Wants To Syndicate Search To 600,000 Mobile Apps

SEO Tips 2015

These are great reminders that we shouldn’t take for granted. A quick read on “Google Matt Cutt’s Most Valuable Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips for 2015” by Gulshan Sirohi’s

  • Don’t Neglect Body of Content
  • Always Know Your Audience
  • The Best Way to Compete is With Better Content on Your Site
  • Take a Goldilocks Approach to Your Home Page Content
  • Monitor your Content and insure it doesn’t get stolen
  • Have meaningful CTAs on your website such as buy, download, watch the video etc.  The longer the web user is on your website the better.

5 Steps when Launching a blog

I really thought these 5 steps are great when creating & launching a new blog.

  1. Schedule a team meeting
    1. It should be a team effort
    2. It’s important to do this step to accomplish 2-5
  2. Create a slogan or mantra — the least amount of words the better
    1. Make sure to understand the target audience and how the blog can help them
    2. Make sure that the slogan or mantra goes in the header or sidebar
  3. Brainstorm all your topics
    1. Whiteboard every idea, topic or headline that comes to mind
    2. Cross of the ones that do not fit the mantra or slogan
  4. Find leverage
    1. Find folks that can do research for your blog topics
    2. Find folks that can find people for you to interview
    3. Find folks that can wireframe infographics
    4. Maybe find folks that have special skills such as graphic designer or video creator
    5. Find folks that are savvy with the CMS system such as WordPress
  5. Schedule all the blog posts
    1. The more the better but they need to have content that will benefit the audience
    2. Blogs should be enticing
    3. Blogs should be connected just like a story
    4. Blogs should have a CTA (Call To Action)

For more detailed info read the article by Marvin Russell5 Steps You Never Skip When Launching a New Blog

AdWords Location Targeting

Most Basic Strategies in making your ads relevant is setting up location targeting. Pauline Jakober has some great tips and wrote an article on “A Complete Guide for AdWords Location Targeting: Setup, Use Cases, and Results

  • AdWords Location Targeting: The Basics
    • If a person includes a location name in a search
    • When a person is searching on Google Maps
    • When a person uses a country-specific domain
  • Location Targeting: 2 Strategic Example of How to Determine Settings
    • Make sure that the setting is mostly determined by where a company does business
    • Focus on the city where the city has it’s main address
    • Consider the secondary addresses of the business with additional location targeting

Check out Google’s support on “Refine Your Location Targeting

9 Successful Optimization Techniques

Neil Patel‘s article on “7 Under-the-Hood Optimization Techniques That will Rock Your SEO” confirms the following items we’ve used and were successful increasing our domain authority.

  1. Site Security — use HTTPS instead of HTTP
  2. Insert full optimized Images or Videos above the fold
  3. Create Image,  Mobile, News, Geo, Code Search & Video Sitemaps
  4. Regular Review and Request removals from you Link Profile (backlinks)
  5. Create Keyword-Specific URLs
  6. Use Primary (Target) Keywords Across Your Entire Site
  7. Definitely Optimize Your Brand’s Social Profiles
  8. Most importantly add structured data ( everywhere to your site where you can
  9. Make sure to use canonicalization for html & PDF files

SEO Professional always try to increase domain authority and many of techniques above make a huge impact.


Local Business Conversion Optimization

Interesting study by Yahoo

  • 78% of consumers expressed a desire for some kind of content personalization
  • 37% found online desktop ads relevant to their interest
  • Mobile advertisers
    • 30% of consumer responding to ads on their smartphone were relevant
    • 27% of mobile app ads resonated with user

Here are some stats when consumer find personalized ads more

  • engaging — 54%
  • educational — 52%
  • time-saving — 49%
  • memorable — 45%

Personalization tools to help boost conversion through more relevant content for your local searchers

  1. Location Ad Extensions
  2. Personalized Retargeting Ads
  3. Local Landing Pages

These tips are in more details in Dema Zlotin article “Local Business Conversion Optimization: 3 Ad Personalization Rules to Live by