31 Must-Read Social Media Marketing Articles

SEO/SEM Advice and WebPresence Optimization



Great articles on various ways to improve Social Media are good ways to improve SoMe (Social Media):

  1. Improve your Digital Footprint by Barry Feldman
  2. Guide to Keyword Targeting & On-Page Optimization by Rand Fishkin
  3. One Blog at a Time — Tell your Story by Mike Alton
  4. “Youtility the Future of Marketing! by Jay Baer
  5. FB Reporting Tools for In-Depth Analysis of Fan Pages by Kristi Hines
  6. Grow a Billion-$$ B2B Growth Engine by Eric Siu
  7. 13 Characteristics of Human Brands by Pam Moore
  8. 11 Content Marketing Lessons Learned from 20 of the Top 100 Blogs by Neil Patel
  9. Top 7 Social Media Marketing Trends — Dominate 2014 by Jason DeMers
  10. 7 Lessions Marketers Can Learn From Digitally Savvy Celebrities by Ekaterina Walter
  11. 9 Persuasion Lessons from a 4-Year-Old by Jarom Adair
  12. Twitter Files for IPO—What it Means for Users, Investors and Social Media by Brian Solis
  13. Social Signals – What Everybody Missed About Hummingbird by Eric Enge
  14. A Detailed 9-Step Guide – How to Sell on Facebook by Jon Loomer
  15. Re-Evaluating the Value of Time Spent in Social Networks by Brian Solis
  16. Social Media Strategy in 8 Steps by Jay Baer
  17. 10 Biz Owners Who Are Doing Rad things with Images by Karen Gunton
  18. 20 Do’s and Don’ts — LinkedIn Etiquette Guide by Melonie Dodaro
  19. FB Marketing: From 2,500 to 1 Million Fans in Just Two Years by Kathryn Aragon
  20. 4 Ms of Influence Marketing for Better ROI by Danny Brown’s
  21. A Scientific Guide to Writing Great Healines on Twitter, Facebook and Your Blog by Leo Widrich
  22. 32 Experts Share Their Best Blog Post Promotion Tips by Kristi Hines
  23. 51 Irresistible Social Media Tool and Technology Tips by Ian Cleary
  24. 52 Unique Ways to Create Social Media Magic by Rebekah Radice
  25. Empowerment Marketing: Advertising to Humans as More Than Just Selfish Machines by Jonah Sachs
  26. Ten Visibility Tips for Google+ by Stephan Hovnanian
  27. Social Media’s Real ROI by Ian Lurie
  28. Find More Content Ideas by Peter Shallard
  29. Social Media Research by Ian Ralph
  30. 46 Experts Share Their Top Social Media Management Tools by Adam Connell
  31. How to Optimize Your Blog by Andy Crestodina


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