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Content Marketing Tools to Use in 2015

Content Marketing was huge in 2014 and will be even bigger in 2015.

Tools make live easier but always plan in some time to research them first.

Here are the recommendation from Sujan Patel.

  • For Content Ideation and Research – Buzzsumo
  • For Content Creation – Penflip
  • For Hiring Ghostwriters – Scripted
  • For Project Organization – Trello
  • For Social Media Publishing and Scheduling – Edgar
  • For Paid Content Distribution – Zemanta
  • For Manual Outreach and Promotion – Streak

For more details of these great tools check out “7 of The Best Content Marketing Tools to Use in 2015.”


Unique Value in Your Content is a great asset for the SEO community.

Creating content is not easy, but it is essential to do the following:

  1. Create unique content with unique value
  2. Create relevant content with unique value
  3. Create helpful content
  4. Create one of a kind content
  5. Very importantly, user experience interface has to be designed so it is easy and pleasurable to consume the content on any device

Please read or watch in more detail Rand Fishkin‘s Whiteboard Friday “How to Provide Unique Vaue in Your Content

Nice Find: #gShift perfect match to create #Content & #Search Strategies

gShift Gives Content Marketers More Ways to Mine Twitter Keyword Data

love Jessica Lee‘s article

The social keyword research reports on Twitter keyword metrics such as:

  • Frequency of conversations for a keyword
  • Influencers of a keyword
  • Hashtags used in association with a keyword
  • Associated terms used with a keyword
  • Related content for a keyword

More detail read the article of “gShift gives Content Marketers More Ways to Mine Twitter Keyword Data

6 #Usability Mistakes That Kill #Conversions

6 Usability Mistakes that Kill Conversions

Excellent article by Lisa Barone

These 6 Usability Mistakes are:

  • Didn’t Keep It Simple
  • Didn’t Make It Useful
  • You forgot Words ( Spelled them Wrong)
  • Giving Too Many Options
  • CTA (Call To Action) are not Obvious
  • No Communication

For more details on these 6 Usability Mistakes that Kill Conversion.


Use #Google+ to Increase #Search Rankings

Google+ to increase Search Rankings

Socialmediaexaminer published this information and I agree with it.

Google+ is a wonderful addition and it is becoming a more influential social media channel.

  • Optimizing Your Google+ Page for Search Ranking
  • Posting Content
  • Connecting the Dots

More details on the Google+ article.


Write Clear, Understandable Content

Matt Cutts: Write Clear, Understandable Content

This article helps to figure out how to write more technical content. Jennifer Slegg articulated pretty well and Matt Cutts video explains it nicely.

Bottom line, don’t focus on being so technical that you’re excluding a lot of the audience that might want to learn more about your topic, but just can’t understand it because you’re not explaining it well. Read more on Write Clear and Create Understandable Content.