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Structured Data — Think JSON-LD

In this blog Google seems to endorse to use Web Components and JSON-LD using on your webpages especially when creating structured data on your site.

Here is how to get started:

Thanks to Eva Gasperowicz, Developer Programs Engineer, Mano Marks, Developer Advocate, Pierre Far, Webmaster Trends Analyst

Yahoo & massive mobile reach

Yahoo’s acquisition of Flurry enables Yahoo to launch an ambitious plan to extend the reach of its search. The free offering “new Mobile Developer Suite” and the suite includes:

  • Flurry Analytics with Explorer (app analytics)
  • Yahoo App Publishing (app monetization)
  • Yahoo App Marketing (user acquisition)
  • Yahoo Search in Apps (Yahoo web search integration + ads)
  • Flurry Pulse (transmission of data to partners)

For more details on Greg Sterling‘s article of “Yahoo Wants To Syndicate Search To 600,000 Mobile Apps

Google makes Rich Medical Content into Knowledge Graph

As a mobile user I welcome the this opportunity to have deeper health information on the tips of my fingers. I can be certain that the health-related questions I may have will be answered professionally. Check out the blog by Google: “A remedy for your health-related questions: health info in the Knowledge Graph

Latest  article by Greg Sterling goes a bit further into depth on this release. This certainly fuels the rumor that Google is planning on a mobile search algorithm update.

For more information on:”Google Introduces Rich Medical Content Into Knowledge Graph.”



Yelp-Like Reviews on Mobile

I think this is great News that Google’s “Local Guides” Encourages Yelp-Like Reviews on Mobile. This program positions Google to be competitive with other reviewer programs such as Yelp Elite and it will be a valuable addition to the space.

Here is where you can sign up to review for the Local Guides 

Similar program that Google ran in the past was called “City Experts and members were automatically transitioned to “Local Guides.”

Great article by Yuyu Chen


Twitter gives Google Access

I had a feeling this would happen sooner than later. Google has now access to Twitter full stream of tweets.

It is called commonly Twitter “firehose” and it was announced on Thursday Feb 05, 2015 by Twitter CEO Dick Costolo.

Twitter announced last November that it is making some of the hashtag pages friendlier to search engines and confirmed an increase in search-related visits.

How will it work? Check out the FAQs

Detailed information on this news check out Danny Sullivan’s article “Official: Twitter To Give Google Access To “Firehose” of Tweets



Tweaks but no Algorithm Update?

Interesting that Google confirmed that they made “tweaks” to the search. Apparently these “tweaks” are not related to either Penguin or Panda algorithms.

The “tweaks” might be related to the “mass mobile warning.”

Uncertainty what type of Google update it was I am sure we hear more about it within the next few days.

I can’t imagine that a Chrome Release would show a large fluctuations and changes in the Google search results.

For more details check out the article from Barry Schwartz “Google Confirms Making “Tweaks” To The Search Results But Says No “Update” To Announce.



Splunk for Technical SEO?

Personally I use Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tools and I love it. It’s very versatile. I haven’t used Splunk and here are 7 Ways to Use Splunk for Technical SEO.

Eli Schwartz has the following advice:

  1. Find out whether your URLs have been crawled by GoogleBot
  2. Find 404 pages
  3. Find 302s
  4. Calculate the number of pages crawled by Google every day
  5. Calculate the number of pages crawled by Google MOBILE every day
  6. Find Rogue URLs Wasting Crawl budget
  7. Set Up an alert for 500s by Googlebot

Sumo Logic is looking to compete with Splunk in the cloud. A free alternative might be elasticsearch.



Is your Site Mobile-Friendly

Apparently when your website is not mobile friendly, you will or already receive an email from Google.

Check your Google webmaster tool for a message. Generally Google doesn’t do these types of mass notifications, but this might be a sign of a new mobile algorithm is coming.

For more information check out Searchengineland article: “Google Sending Mobile Usability Warnings To Huge Number Of Webmasters

Google Pigeon, Local Algorithm

  1. Pigeon was rolled out last year in July. The pigeon algorithm update suppose to create closer tie between local and core algorithm.
  2. It is impacting both Google Maps Search & Google Web Search.
  3. It also allows traditional web ranking signals.
  4. More accuracy results for Yelp-Specific Queries.
  5. Provides a greater search results recognition to other local directories.
  6. Biggest Local Search Update that Google has released.
  7. Algorithm improves the distance and location ranking parameters.
  8. Some businesses saw an ranking improvement after Pigeon rolled out.
  9. Some businesses saw a drop in ranking.
  10. Local Packs (Local Packs provide a customized Windows® 7 installation for a specific regional) have dropped.
  11. Some Spammy results appeared in search results.
  12. Pigeon was only release in the US.

More details in the article on “Everything You Need To Know About Google’s Local Algorithm, Pigeon