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Verification for Call & Location Ext Phone # on AdWords?

I did not know about this upcoming Google release (June 2015) that phone verification piece to prove the phone number is associated with the business that’s advertising. Great article by Ginny Marvin. Ginny provide steps you may have to take. To get phone numbers verified take one of the following steps:

  • Have the phone being used in the extension listed on the website (in text).
  • Link to AdWords and Google Webmaster Tools accounts.
  • Add your AdWords conversion code snippet to the landing page in your ad

Using a 3rd party call tracking you can still use 2 and 3 to verify your numbers.

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Using Geo-Location to Reach Your Target Audience

I haven’t been involved much with Geo-location as I have worked for B2B businesses in the past. My current employers needs a lot of help with Geo-Targeting and this article by Wesley Young is so helpful to get started.

Here are the top 10 Tips for Using Geo-Location to Reach Your Target Audience

  1. Find or create a Venue Where Your Target Audience Will have Specific Wants or Needs
  2. Exclude Locations Where Your Target Audience Will Not Be
  3. Define A Radius By Distance Or Time Around Your Store Or An Area Of Interest
  4. Adjust Your Bid On Ads To Prioritize Better Locations
  5. Use Location-Specific Keywords for Paid Search Ads
  6. Predict Your Audience By Geography
  7. Discover Location Intent by Search History
  8. Analyze Consumer Behavior and Preference from Past Locations Visited
  9. Use Location-Specific Landing Pages to Provide Relevant Content
  10. Take Advantage of Geographic Specific Events

For in depth information about this article read “10 Practical Tips For Using Geo-Location To Reach Your Target Audience

Call-Only Ads – New Addition to PPC Strategy

Diane Pease put a nice article together on adding Call-Only Ads to your PPC Strategy.

Did you know

  • 79 % of smartphone owners use their devices to shop
  • 82 % of mobile shoppers are using search
  • 70% of people search on mobile will call businesses directly from the search results

Here are the five reasons why you should migrate to this new feature:

  1. Phone Number is at the top of the Ad
  2. Shows at a Prominent Call Button
  3. A Click = Phone Call
  4. Represents a direct line to Your Business
  5. Ability to Create additional Targeted Ads

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AdWords Location Targeting

Most Basic Strategies in making your ads relevant is setting up location targeting. Pauline Jakober has some great tips and wrote an article on “A Complete Guide for AdWords Location Targeting: Setup, Use Cases, and Results

  • AdWords Location Targeting: The Basics
    • If a person includes a location name in a search
    • When a person is searching on Google Maps
    • When a person uses a country-specific domain
  • Location Targeting: 2 Strategic Example of How to Determine Settings
    • Make sure that the setting is mostly determined by where a company does business
    • Focus on the city where the city has it’s main address
    • Consider the secondary addresses of the business with additional location targeting

Check out Google’s support on “Refine Your Location Targeting

2015: Mobile Web? Why

Traffic show substantial proportion comes from mobile devices. For example Google, mobile comprised almost have of all the traffic (from June to November), with 48 percent come from mobile. In November mobile traffic surpassed the quantity of visits from desktop, marking the turning point on the way to mobile dominance for Google.

Engagement metrics show a slight different story. Visits from desktop lasted more than three times longer, with more than three times more pages viewed and two times lower bounce rate.

Online Shopping: shares of visits from mobile and desktop are almost equal. September Amazon saw more visits from mobile devices, with mobile traffic increasing by 8 percent, surpassing desktop traffic by 6 percent, however, mobile traffic dipped in October.

New and Media: News publishers are shifting a bit slower to the mobile world than the shopping industry.

Arts and Entertainment: is a great example of responsive Web design, not only highly recommended by the SEO experts, but also a great way to create web pages that automatically adjust to fit the screen it’s being viewed on.

Food & Drink industry also knows and understands to create websites with responsive web designs. A great website sample is

For more details please check out the article on, “Why Mobile Web Still Matters in 2015





Digital Marketing in 2014

SEO/SEM, Search & WPO Advice

Digital Marketing in 2014

According to Forrester Research Interactive Marketing Digital Marketing as an Industry will grow about $76B by 2016.
Digital as a channel is expected to Double.
Most Increase is in Social Media and Mobile Marketing. For detailed information click the image below:
Digital Marketing - 2014