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Nice Find: #gShift perfect match to create #Content & #Search Strategies

gShift Gives Content Marketers More Ways to Mine Twitter Keyword Data

love Jessica Lee‘s article

The social keyword research reports on Twitter keyword metrics such as:

  • Frequency of conversations for a keyword
  • Influencers of a keyword
  • Hashtags used in association with a keyword
  • Associated terms used with a keyword
  • Related content for a keyword

More detail read the article of “gShift gives Content Marketers More Ways to Mine Twitter Keyword Data

8 Reasons Why You Should Be Using #Social Media

Why you should be using Social Media

posted by Shell Robshaw-Bryan

Here are some compelling reason:

  • Social Media helps you deliver better customer service
  • Social Media drives brand building & differentiation
  • Social Media helps you to manage your reputation
  • Social Media helps increase trust in your business or brand
  • Social Media allows you to obtain real customer insights
  • Social Media is a great way of promoting your content
  • Social Media helps you keep customer engaged with you
  • Social Media will drive website traffic

More details on the “8 Reasons why you should be using Social Media


Use #Google+ to Increase #Search Rankings

Google+ to increase Search Rankings

Socialmediaexaminer published this information and I agree with it.

Google+ is a wonderful addition and it is becoming a more influential social media channel.

  • Optimizing Your Google+ Page for Search Ranking
  • Posting Content
  • Connecting the Dots

More details on the Google+ article.


#Social-Media Marketing in 2014

4 Big Reasons to Overhaul Your #Social-Media Marketing in 2014

Great article by Marla Tabaka

Four Big Reasons:

  • The social Web will have more impact than search-engine ranking
  • Simplicity will become critical
  • Social Customer service is on the rise
  • Small businesses can — and will — become big players

For more in depth read Marla’s article on Social Media Marketing

#SEO Experts Silently Rock Your #Website

SEO Experts Silently Rock Your Website

This article is talking about the way that so many company under utilize the SEO Expert professionals.  Most companies hire SEO Experts temporarily and don’t really integrate them into their teams.  There is definitely more to it than just on-page optimization.




Brand & Reputation – in 2014 Building Links

Brand & Reputation – in 2014 Building Links

This is a great article on how back linking has changes and what’s important to consider in 2014 link building projects.

Many companies still don’t realize that “Building Your Brand & Reputation” is building your links. Links come from many directions such as:

  • Social Media  Channels
  • Partners
  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • Competitor
  • Review & comments about your products & company

Eric Enge hits the nail on the head. His full article on “Link Building in 2014 is all about Building Your Brand & Reputation

5 Marketing Messages to Remember

5 Marketing Messages to Remember

Content is King so when writing your content make sure to really understand your audience.

  • Think “Social Media”
  • Write for “Mobile Devices”
  • Become an Influencer

Kristel reminds us what to do:

  • Make sure that “Messaging is not lost in Translation”
  • Humanize Your Message
  • That a “Good Deed doesn’t Gone Bad”
  • Be Sensitive Enough for your Audience
  • Use Social Media Feature correctly

Great article by Kristel Cuenta. Read more in detail “5 Common Marketing Message Mistakes you want to avoid