Improve Crawling & Indexing of Location

Did you know that your pages can be designed to adapt to a user’s specific location, showing different content to users in different part of the world per Matt Southern.

How you say? Googlebot uses US IP addresses and it may not index all content on location-adaptive pages. Google introduced a newly improved Googlebot i.e. Locale-aware crawling by Googlebot will do the following:

  • Geo-distributed crawling: Googlebot appears to be using IP addresses based outside the USA, in addition to the longstanding IP addresses Googlebot uses that appear to be based in the USA.
  • Language-dependent crawling: Googlebot crawls with an Accept-Language field set in the HTTP header.

To learn more about the technical aspect of this implementation see: “Use hreflang for language and regional URLs

After you implement hreflang there is nothing else that needs to get done on your CMS or server settings.

For more information on Matt’s article “Google Improves Crawling and Indexing of Location-Adaptive Pages


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