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PR-Big Part of SEO

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PR is as essential for SEO as technical SEO and optimized content. PRs, however, depend for their success outside forces such as editorial links. Ken McGaffin has wrote a great article on “14 things to Do When You Get Great PR but No Editorial Links

As an SEO Professional it is very fascinating how communication has evolved in the digital world. I’ve always encourage the in-house PR team to have links within their articles to increase the relationship and awareness of the products, services or the company. Ken has great advice:

  1. Continue to Target Leading Sites – Even If The Don’t Give You a Link — I would always recommend it as it adds on visibility
  2. Reply to Comments as Soon as They’re Published & Think of an Article that expand on the Comments
  3. Monitor Any Links to the Published Article – sometimes you have work with your analytics person to get dashboard setup
  4. Link to the Media Article from Your Client’s Site – encourage to share the article
  5. Expand on the Content of the Article – helps the reader to relate
  6. Follow up with Local Journalist and Bloggers
  7. Publish a ‘Badge’ or Link That says, “As Featured in.. ” this help increase credibility
  8. Email Your Client’s Customer Lists
  9. Pitch a Series of Guest Posts to Top Industry Blogs
  10. Build on Your Relationship with the Journalist, Bloggers & Freelance Writers
  11. Build a Store of Sound Bites of Stories
  12. Don’t Just Rely on Breaking News
  13. Build a Forward PR Plan
  14. Review the Content You Created

I also would recommend to do a social listening especially after publishing an article to understand more about your audience.

Where to Share Your Blog Posts?

I found it interesting to see what channels Sujan Patel is recommending especially since some are not designed for text rather for images. Naturally, it is essential to re-purpose your blog content in various different type of assets, such as images, PowerPoint format, infographics, video or podcast.

Here is the list

For more details on the article by Sujan Patel “15 Places You Should Be Sharing Your Blog Posts

5 Steps when Launching a blog

I really thought these 5 steps are great when creating & launching a new blog.

  1. Schedule a team meeting
    1. It should be a team effort
    2. It’s important to do this step to accomplish 2-5
  2. Create a slogan or mantra — the least amount of words the better
    1. Make sure to understand the target audience and how the blog can help them
    2. Make sure that the slogan or mantra goes in the header or sidebar
  3. Brainstorm all your topics
    1. Whiteboard every idea, topic or headline that comes to mind
    2. Cross of the ones that do not fit the mantra or slogan
  4. Find leverage
    1. Find folks that can do research for your blog topics
    2. Find folks that can find people for you to interview
    3. Find folks that can wireframe infographics
    4. Maybe find folks that have special skills such as graphic designer or video creator
    5. Find folks that are savvy with the CMS system such as WordPress
  5. Schedule all the blog posts
    1. The more the better but they need to have content that will benefit the audience
    2. Blogs should be enticing
    3. Blogs should be connected just like a story
    4. Blogs should have a CTA (Call To Action)

For more detailed info read the article by Marvin Russell5 Steps You Never Skip When Launching a New Blog