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Content Marketing: 12 Lessons to Learn

Great article by Neil Patel and definitely worth reflecting on it.  The top 5 Goals in Content Marketing that I feel are:

SEO/SEM, Search & WPO Advice

  • Increase Visibility  with Brand and Awareness
  • Thought Leadership
  • Lead Generation
  • Conversions
  • Consistency through all Channels that are being used

The lessons of Neil Patel’s article: “Learn From the Best: 12 Lessons from 5 Content Marketing Case Studies“:

  1. Outsourcing Content Marketing Can Work
  2. Know Your Content Marketing Goals — Remember the Goal Can Change — be Agile
  3. Content Marketing isn’t Always Slow
  4. Transparency and Content Marketing should go Hand in Hand
  5. Always be Actionable
  6. Quality Always Makes the Difference
    1. Create an Exclusive Club
    2. Show that You Care
    3. Ask for Feedback
    4. Use Social Proof
    5. Get Personal
    6. Make Conversion a Habit
    7. Include Downloads
    8. Tell Readers What to Do Next
  7. Influencers can Drive Explosive Results
  8. Successful Content Marketing is Consistent
  9. Practice What You Preach
  10. Different Types of Content Lets You Expand Your Reach
  11. Great Content is Nothing Without Promotion
  12. Good Marketing Can Be Simple

It’s a great article and it sums up the importance of not only have content marketing but also create a content marketing strategy around it. Many companies I’ve been consulting or worked for are operating in their own silos.

What would be a good way to solve this type of isolation?

Search, Content & Social (SCS) = SuperGroup


SEO/SEM Advice and WebPresence OptimizationI love what I read on Andy Betts article “The Rise of Content Performance: The Search and Social Link”  Working with large companies such as Cisco or VMware you’ll find Organic Search, Paid Search, Social, Branding  & Content Creation in different departments with different budget, goals and objectives. Here is when a SEO professional can step in and break through these barriers.

Just a few steps away that leads to better content performance:

  • Work with all the groups and establish a shared goal, a cross-channel goal i.e. conversion, sale, or make an appointment
  • Work as a SuperGroup: Search, Content, Social (SCS) and invite Paid Search & Branding to your strategy meetings
  • Ensure that search (organic & paid) and social strategies are part of the content strategies
  • Always Execute, Test & Refine; continue evolve and adapt the groups tactics especially as you want to analyze various assets such as videos, images and possible text variations.
  • Analyze, attribute and measure performance

Figure out a way to report on all channels separately to see the impact of your content strategy in relation to final business outcomes.



Content Marketing – Are You Doing it Right?

Being passionate about SEO I know how important Content Strategy, Content Marketing, and Content Creation is. Here is a brief summary of the article by Peter Daisyme:

  1. Messaging Mis-Alignment
  2. Brand Inconsistency
  3. Content Irrelevancy
  4. Lack of Resources

Each company is struggling with their issues, generally the larger the company may have mis-alignment or brand inconsistency and mid-size to small companies struggle with resources.

In addition in order to show success we have to track all the elements that we did or do on the website, in order to learn about what worked and what didn’t.

For more detailed information read the article “The Risks of Content Marketing” by Peter Daisyme

Content Marketing Tools to Use in 2015

Content Marketing was huge in 2014 and will be even bigger in 2015.

Tools make live easier but always plan in some time to research them first.

Here are the recommendation from Sujan Patel.

  • For Content Ideation and Research – Buzzsumo
  • For Content Creation – Penflip
  • For Hiring Ghostwriters – Scripted
  • For Project Organization – Trello
  • For Social Media Publishing and Scheduling – Edgar
  • For Paid Content Distribution – Zemanta
  • For Manual Outreach and Promotion – Streak

For more details of these great tools check out “7 of The Best Content Marketing Tools to Use in 2015.”


Unique Value in Your Content

moz.com is a great asset for the SEO community.

Creating content is not easy, but it is essential to do the following:

  1. Create unique content with unique value
  2. Create relevant content with unique value
  3. Create helpful content
  4. Create one of a kind content
  5. Very importantly, user experience interface has to be designed so it is easy and pleasurable to consume the content on any device

Please read or watch in more detail Rand Fishkin‘s Whiteboard Friday “How to Provide Unique Vaue in Your Content

Write Clear, Understandable Content

Matt Cutts: Write Clear, Understandable Content

This article helps to figure out how to write more technical content. Jennifer Slegg articulated pretty well and Matt Cutts video explains it nicely.

Bottom line, don’t focus on being so technical that you’re excluding a lot of the audience that might want to learn more about your topic, but just can’t understand it because you’re not explaining it well. Read more on Write Clear and Create Understandable Content.

Content Strategies – That Still Build Links

Content Strategies That Still Build Links

An easy read by Nate Dame

Quick Summary

  1. Publish & Creatively Promote A Rich Deep Resource
  2. Run A “Be Everywhere Day”
  3. Create A Butt-Kissing Piece Of Content
  4. Build Your Hand-Crafted List Of Influencers

What Does The Future Hold?

As link building becomes less and less about old school “link building” (quantity, scale, spam), I think SEOs have a chance to deliver even more value. We can make the case now more than ever that an SEO campaign must be about much more than smash-and-grab building links. That opens the door for us to, honestly, have more fun and deliver more value. For more details read the article Content Marketing Strategies…

Content Formats that Google loves

SEO/SEM, Search & WPO Advice

Content Formats that Google loves

Great article by Kalpesh Guard about what type of content format Google likes.

  1. Evergreen Content – content that will never expires, always updates and that works well in search results today.
  2. FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions
  3. How To Guides – as they also will answer users questions.
  4. Solution to Problems
  5. Studies – case study as they is some personal experience in
  6. Top Tips

Learn more about Kalpesh Guard article