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Beyond SEO & SXO

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Mark Munroe wrote a great article “From SEO To SXO: Search Experience Optimization.”  It really touches the elements I’ve encountered.

Most companies bring in agencies such as R/GA, RazorFish, Deutsch, Rosetta etc. to create a successful look and feel website that brings in a lot of unique visitors and increases customer engagement.

These firms do a fantastic job with award winning website designs, however, they don’t consider how web users will find the beautiful websites. Many of these firms have content SEO experts but not experts that understand technical SEO, forensic SEO, or SXO (Search Experience Optimization). Some of these fancy designs increase the page load i.e. compromise web performance, leave off editable open graph meta tags or disregard w3c.org guidelines or 508 Compliance. Often Analytics or SEO tools (Search Console,  Screaming Frog, Majestic, BrightEdge and many more) are missed to be implemented.

Additionally, the majority of the site search APIs are either useless or have not been properly configured to the new website designs before the launch of the new web designs.

My opinion is that it’s about the overall web user experience by creating valuable & useful content, brand, digital reputation, social media activities, local search & easy crawlability for search engines.