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Your Business & Google Knowledge Graph

The expansion of Google’s Knowledge Graph may threaten the volume of organic search traffic to websites.

Have you seen the Knowledge Graph at work? As you may have noticed there are many types of Knowledge Graph widgets and perhaps the most concerning are Google scrapes content from websites to display it directly in search results, I have seen it overwriting the meta description.

  • Did you know that 1 in 5 search results now include Knowledge Graph features?
  • Did you know that Wikipedia page views declined 21% after the Knowledge Graph came out?

Here are some panels that might be included

Note that good SEO that improves your ranking overall will also improve your chances of appearing in the Graph’s answer box.

Here is what will be part of the Knowledge Graph scraping include

  • Organize thematic subsections
  • Write a strong title and H1
  • Ease up on the primary keyword
  • Clearly define the author(s) on the page
  • Offer unique value

Nate Dame explores 20 concrete characteristics of great content.”

Note: The Knowledge Graph may begin to impact your SEO traffic and it is raising the bar for quality content.

For more details Nate Dame’s “What Can Businesses Do About The Knowledge Graph Dominating Search Results?