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Local SEO – Tactics for more Visibility

As Brad Miller states: Local SEO is an every-evolving entity.

Last year Google algorithm update “Pigeon” provided a more useful, relevant and accurate local search results. When trying to increase local search think of

  1. visibility and not necessary ranking
  2. Google Places for business and Google+ local
  3. Get the Basic Right
    1. Custom meta description
    2. How to be perceived in the SERP
    3. The importance of schema markup (schema.org)
  4. Citations
    1. Use a tools to identify and maintain local citations, one of the recent tools is Moz Local
  5. Do other Properties Rank?

Further detail please read “Local SEO: 5 Advanced Tactics for Greater Visibility

Google Pigeon, Local Algorithm

  1. Pigeon was rolled out last year in July. The pigeon algorithm update suppose to create closer tie between local and core algorithm.
  2. It is impacting both Google Maps Search & Google Web Search.
  3. It also allows traditional web ranking signals.
  4. More accuracy results for Yelp-Specific Queries.
  5. Provides a greater search results recognition to other local directories.
  6. Biggest Local Search Update that Google has released.
  7. Algorithm improves the distance and location ranking parameters.
  8. Some businesses saw an ranking improvement after Pigeon rolled out.
  9. Some businesses saw a drop in ranking.
  10. Local Packs (Local Packs provide a customized Windows® 7 installation for a specific regional) have dropped.
  11. Some Spammy results appeared in search results.
  12. Pigeon was only release in the US.

More details in the article on Searchengineland.com. “Everything You Need To Know About Google’s Local Algorithm, Pigeon