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Google makes Rich Medical Content into Knowledge Graph

As a mobile user I welcome the this opportunity to have deeper health information on the tips of my fingers. I can be certain that the health-related questions I may have will be answered professionally. Check out the blog by Google: “A remedy for your health-related questions: health info in the Knowledge Graph

Latest  article by Greg Sterling goes a bit further into depth on this release. This certainly fuels the rumor that Google is planning on a mobile search algorithm update.

For more information on:”Google Introduces Rich Medical Content Into Knowledge Graph.”



Twitter gives Google Access

I had a feeling this would happen sooner than later. Google has now access to Twitter full stream of tweets.

It is called commonly Twitter “firehose” and it was announced on Thursday Feb 05, 2015 by Twitter CEO Dick Costolo.

Twitter announced last November that it is making some of the hashtag pages friendlier to search engines and confirmed an increase in search-related visits.

How will it work? Check out the FAQs

Detailed information on this news check out Danny Sullivan’s article “Official: Twitter To Give Google Access To “Firehose” of Tweets



Tweaks but no Algorithm Update?

Interesting that Google confirmed that they made “tweaks” to the search. Apparently these “tweaks” are not related to either Penguin or Panda algorithms.

The “tweaks” might be related to the “mass mobile warning.”

Uncertainty what type of Google update it was I am sure we hear more about it within the next few days.

I can’t imagine that a Chrome Release would show a large fluctuations and changes in the Google search results.

For more details check out the article from Barry Schwartz “Google Confirms Making “Tweaks” To The Search Results But Says No “Update” To Announce.



Use #Google+ to Increase #Search Rankings

Google+ to increase Search Rankings

Socialmediaexaminer published this information and I agree with it.

Google+ is a wonderful addition and it is becoming a more influential social media channel.

  • Optimizing Your Google+ Page for Search Ranking
  • Posting Content
  • Connecting the Dots

More details on the Google+ article.






Write Headlines Google Loves

SEO/SEM, Search & WPO Advice

How to Write Headlines Google Will Love & You and I Will Click, Read, and Share

Working as a SEO expert I get ask many times to provide the best browser titles or better “Headlines Google Loves.” Salma Jafri wrote a great article highlighting the importance. It is a quick and to the point article on writing headlines in 2014.


Most Effective Social Media Platform

SEO/SEM Advice and WebPresence Optimization

Most Effective Social Media Platform

I loved to review the various social media platforms and it seems it still okay to be on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedInYouTube, Pinterest, Slideshare etc. There are new ones I haven’t tried like Instagram.

It really depends on where you audience hang out. Choosing Social Media platform really makes you think of your about your audience. The link below provide you an Infographic that helps understand where businesses should be to embrace their audience.

Most Effective Social Media Platforms



Authorship News – Google to cut by 20-40%

SEO/SEM Advice and WebPresence Optimization

Authorship News – Google to cut by 20-40%

The article by Jennifer Slegg encouraged me to add the “Google SEO Author Plugin” to my two blog sites. It certainly increases the visibility of all the blogs I share and create.

For more information please read: Google Cuts Authorship in Search Results by 20-40%