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Safer Link Building in 2015

Neil Patel really hits the nail on the head¬†with this article “5 Techniques To Safely Get Links In 2015

Quick view:

  1. Guest Blog & Get Others To Do It, Too
  2. Create Infographics — “Infographics are still effective for link building
  3. Become more active on social media regularly
  4. Ask for Links
  5. Grow Your Personal Brand

Conclusion is: Your domain ranking depends on many algorithm elements and one important one is a safe technique to acquire them. It’s all about building relationships with other websites. For more information “Advanced SEO for Digital Content Creators

Brand & Reputation – in 2014 Building Links

Brand & Reputation – in 2014 Building Links

This is a great article on how back linking has changes and what’s important to consider in 2014 link building projects.

Many companies still don’t realize that “Building Your Brand & Reputation” is building your links. Links come from many directions such as:

  • Social Media ¬†Channels
  • Partners
  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • Competitor
  • Review & comments about your products & company

Eric Enge hits the nail on the head. His full article on “Link Building in 2014 is all about Building Your Brand & Reputation