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Local Business Conversion Optimization

Interesting study by Yahoo

  • 78% of consumers expressed a desire for some kind of content personalization
  • 37% found online desktop ads relevant to their interest
  • Mobile advertisers
    • 30% of consumer responding to ads on their smartphone were relevant
    • 27% of mobile app ads resonated with user

Here are some stats when consumer find personalized ads more

  • engaging — 54%
  • educational — 52%
  • time-saving — 49%
  • memorable — 45%

Personalization tools to help boost conversion through more relevant content for your local searchers

  1. Location Ad Extensions
  2. Personalized Retargeting Ads
  3. Local Landing Pages

These tips are in more details in Dema Zlotin¬†article “Local Business Conversion Optimization: 3 Ad Personalization Rules to Live by