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How Google Search Results Will Change By 2016

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Great article by Jayson DeMere and I completely agree with him on his comments.


  1. The Knowledge Graph Will Take Over
  2. Social Results Will Be More Prominent
  3. Traditional Listings Will Sharply Decline (on will be schema.org)
  4. Indexed Apps Will Make an Appearance
  5. More Interactive Elements Will Develop (IoT = Internet of Things)

Read the complete article “5 Ways Google Search Results Will Change By 2016


Structured Data — Think JSON-LD

In this blog Google seems to endorse to use Web Components and JSON-LD using on your webpages especially when creating structured data on your site.

Here is how to get started:

Thanks to Eva Gasperowicz, Developer Programs Engineer, Mano Marks, Developer Advocate, Pierre Far, Webmaster Trends Analyst

9 Successful Optimization Techniques

Neil Patel‘s article on “7 Under-the-Hood Optimization Techniques That will Rock Your SEO” confirms the following items we’ve used and were successful increasing our domain authority.

  1. Site Security — use HTTPS instead of HTTP
  2. Insert full optimized Images or Videos above the fold
  3. Create Image,  Mobile, News, Geo, Code Search & Video Sitemaps
  4. Regular Review and Request removals from you Link Profile (backlinks)
  5. Create Keyword-Specific URLs
  6. Use Primary (Target) Keywords Across Your Entire Site
  7. Definitely Optimize Your Brand’s Social Profiles
  8. Most importantly add structured data (schema.org) everywhere to your site where you can
  9. Make sure to use canonicalization for html & PDF files

SEO Professional always try to increase domain authority and many of techniques above make a huge impact.