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Organic Traffic Intent – Funnel into Sales

Neil Patel has great article and this one is one of them.

  • Every Searcher Has An Intent
  • There are Three Major Categories of User Intent
    • Navigational queries
    • Informational queries
    • Transactional¬†queries
  • How Do you Discover Intent? Queries.
    • Create A List of Queries
      • Google Webmaster Tools
      • Google Analytics
      • Keyword Research
    • Match Each Query to the User’s Potential Intent
    • Categorizing by Broad User Intent
      • Navigational
      • Informational
      • Transactional
    • Narrowing Down User Intent
      • More Specific Navigational Queries
      • Hybrid Search
      • Well-Features
      • Personal Names
      • More Specific Informational Queries
      • Combinations
      • Problems
      • Types of Solutions
      • More Specific Transactional Queries
      • Product-Specific Intent
      • Price Intent
      • Delivery Intent
      • Location Intent
    • Funneling Traffic Into Sales
      • Create Relevant Content
      • Use the Right Keywords & SEO Data
      • Focus On Your Experience
      • Put Calls-To-Action Everywhere

Conclusion: Today’s important understanding is to find the intent behind the keywords and queries. Marketing need to know the intent. Once we understand that intent, and we answer the intent, we will increase a higher volume of sales.

Read Neil Patel’s article in detail “How To Dissect Your Organic Traffic By Intent & Funnel It Into Sales