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Search, Content & Social (SCS) = SuperGroup


SEO/SEM Advice and WebPresence OptimizationI love what I read on Andy Betts article “The Rise of Content Performance: The Search and Social Link”  Working with large companies such as Cisco or VMware you’ll find Organic Search, Paid Search, Social, Branding  & Content Creation in different departments with different budget, goals and objectives. Here is when a SEO professional can step in and break through these barriers.

Just a few steps away that leads to better content performance:

  • Work with all the groups and establish a shared goal, a cross-channel goal i.e. conversion, sale, or make an appointment
  • Work as a SuperGroup: Search, Content, Social (SCS) and invite Paid Search & Branding to your strategy meetings
  • Ensure that search (organic & paid) and social strategies are part of the content strategies
  • Always Execute, Test & Refine; continue evolve and adapt the groups tactics especially as you want to analyze various assets such as videos, images and possible text variations.
  • Analyze, attribute and measure performance

Figure out a way to report on all channels separately to see the impact of your content strategy in relation to final business outcomes.



Use #Google+ to Increase #Search Rankings

Google+ to increase Search Rankings

Socialmediaexaminer published this information and I agree with it.

Google+ is a wonderful addition and it is becoming a more influential social media channel.

  • Optimizing Your Google+ Page for Search Ranking
  • Posting Content
  • Connecting the Dots

More details on the Google+ article.






#SEO Experts Silently Rock Your #Website

SEO Experts Silently Rock Your Website

This article is talking about the way that so many company under utilize the SEO Expert professionals.  Most companies hire SEO Experts temporarily and don’t really integrate them into their teams.  There is definitely more to it than just on-page optimization.




Pinterest Beefs Up Its Search

SEO/SEM Advice and WebPresence Optimization

Pinterest Beefs Up Its Search

Pinterest Beefs Up Its Search Chops With VisualGraph Acquisition, great article by Matt McGee
As stated in the blog:”VisualGraph’s technology connects images through things like face recognition, object recognition and shape/color analysis.”

Pinterest Beefs Up Its Search Chops With VisualGraph Acquisition