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When it’s time to hire an SEO Expert

Thanks to Neil Patel a summary on why we need SEO experts. Hiring an SEO expert may not only save your website but also your business. I wrote an article a year ago on what SEO experts do.

When would it be wise to hire an SEO expert?

  1. When launching a New Website
  2. When getting started in Digital Marketing
  3. When launching a Content Marketing Campaign
  4. When you’re hit with penalty
  5. When you’re a Local Business

For more details on the items above read the article on searchenginejournal.com, “When You Must Hire an SEO Expert

#SEO Experts Silently Rock Your #Website

SEO Experts Silently Rock Your Website

This article is talking about the way that so many company under utilize the SEO Expert professionals.  Most companies hire SEO Experts temporarily and don’t really integrate them into their teams.  There is definitely more to it than just on-page optimization.




What about #SEO these days?

What about #SEO these days?

Good article by George Nielsen and in addition I think that SEO plays a big roll web performance, web architecture and more.

SEO - 2014

George points out three major basics:

  1. Know Your Target Audience
  2. Content Outreach Capabilities
  3. Content Creation Capabilities

Sounds simple and hard to do especially in a large corporation. For more detail visit his article at What Are SEOs Even Good At Anymore?


  • btvsearch.com (image resource)

Three Pillars of SEO in 2014 – Content-Links-Social

Certainly many authors pointing to the same conclusion for SEO in 2014. This is also a great article by Jayson DeMers.

Jayson made it simple to identify Content, Links & Social as the most important ingredients to be successful SEO 2014. I believe that reputation, web architecture, performance & Web 5.0 are additional areas that are important to do well in 2014 & 2015.

For more on the article read the details of this article of the 3 Pillar of SEO in 2014.

3-SEO-Pillars by Jason DeMers


It’s no longer enough to only focus on only one or two of these pillars to craft a successful SEO strategy in 2014. Each of these three elements benefits the other, and without all three elements, your “structure” (ie, your SEO campaign) can’t stand.

Digital Marketing in 2014

SEO/SEM, Search & WPO Advice

Digital Marketing in 2014

According to Forrester Research Interactive Marketing Digital Marketing as an Industry will grow about $76B by 2016.
Digital as a channel is expected to Double.
Most Increase is in Social Media and Mobile Marketing. For detailed information click the image below:
Digital Marketing - 2014

200+ Signals Influences the PageRank in SERP

SEO/SEM, Search & WPO Advice

200+ Signals Influences the PageRank in SERP

People always ask questions on what signals are the most important ones to increase PageRank. This is a tough question to answer in an elevator speech as there is more to it than what is visible to the web user.  Most recently I have referred folks to “Google Basic.”

As it states in Google Basic a PageRank is the measure of the importance of a page based on the incoming links from other pages. In simple terms, each link to a page on your site from another site adds to the website’s PageRank, BUT that is not all.

Other Facts influencing the PageRank?

In my opinion PageRank is also determine by the following (not in any particular order)

These categories encompass many small important items that determine the PageRank. In many large companies the responsibility of the website resides with the Web Marketing team and that is generally a part of Corporate Marketing.  Technical knowledge is not the priority for web marketing unless customers starting to complain. Marketers focus more on creating content, have a user-friendly web design, have access for mobile devices, and making sure that the content is shareable to different social platforms.

Determine Gaps to Increase PageRank

When I evaluate websites I use different free audit tools to determine the technical & usability aspect of the site. Here are the ones I like:

I’ve evaluated many websites and noticed a pattern. Companies that host their own websites don’t do well on the website performance. So when a website tries to attract mobile traffic the number 1 priority is to improve the overall performance of the website. My personal best performance is that a webpage should renders within 1 second or less on a laptop anywhere in the world. Remember that mobile devices have an additional performance hiccup called mobile broadband access. The other issue is that global companies don’t have page rendering time equal as they don’t have servers in various locations.

Minimum Consideration to Increase PageRank

Perform a small website audit on SEO and Content and here are some suggestions:

The audit may assist in prioritizing areas that needs improvements. Note that many areas interconnect with each other.

For example reviewing performance: It could be an issues with network connections (DNS Lookup), it could be how the images were created (compressed or progressive), or it could be how browser caching is used of static assets and more.

Prediction for 2014 where to Focus to Increase PageRank

Predictions - 2014 for PageRank

Following the Social Media noise, SEO & Content rumble, & Mobile predictions, I feel very strongly that corporate websites need to setup the fundamentals such as readiness for mobile, social and semantic web. Ones these elements are setup next steps are to engage appropriate departments to work together.

I have seen large corporations created silos for these essential channels. It seems that web marketing, web IT, network & infrastructure, social media, blogs, SEM, SEO, PR, corporate messaging, inbound marketing (Demand Generation), etc. work in silos, it complicates things when the company has a global presence. The company is missing the potential opportunity to build a powerful digital footprint.


Corporations’ starting to recognize that SEO or Web Presence Optimization (WPO) is part of the overall success of the web presence and digital footprint. They realize that SEO/WPO is as important as usability or content as the majority of companies rely on web traffic coming from various search engines such as Google, Bing,Yahoo etc.

When content gets created keep social, mobile and SEO in mind. For example a press release is no longer just a press release for newswire, it is an invite to be shared and re-shared with social media channels, attract advocates, bloggers and prospective customers for products, services, solutions of the 2014 companies.

Search before and after Google

SEO/SEM Advice and WebPresence Optimization

Search before and after Google

Where is the Search by P.J.Fusco really shows that SEO is no longer just “SEO.” It has become Web Presence Optimization (WPO).

Read more on “Where’s the Search

Many corporation are not equipped to handle Search Everywhere Optimization, especially B2B businesses and large corporation.

Search Everywhere Optimization

Digital Marketing now is to