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YouTube SEO Tactics

The most read article in 2014 was the one about YouTube SEO Tactics to Drive more traffic to your Videos & Website.

I am not surprised as videos usage is skyrocketing globally not only here in the US.

Read more about 5 Advanced YouTube SEO Tactics to drive more traffic to your videos and website.

Most Effective Social Media Platform

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Most Effective Social Media Platform

I loved to review the various social media platforms and it seems it still okay to be on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedInYouTube, Pinterest, Slideshare etc. There are new ones I haven’t tried like Instagram.

It really depends on where you audience hang out. Choosing Social Media platform really makes you think of your about your audience. The link below provide you an Infographic that helps understand where businesses should be to embrace their audience.

Most Effective Social Media Platforms